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Kelly Bragg Design is a graphic and web design agency based in Atlanta, Georgia, specializing in branding, web, and print design. Since 1999, Kelly has provided marketing, production, and design support services in print and digital mediums, in both the corporate and freelance arenas.


KBD works with entrepreneurs building start-up businesses, established companies looking to re-brand and refresh, and well-known brands and corporations executing marketing campaigns and sales initiatives. With an extensive background as a marketing specialist, Kelly has a unique understanding of the design industry and how design and marketing work hand in hand to strengthen your brand.


KBD develops brand identities, designs custom logos, websites, print collateral, digital graphics, and more. With a focus on getting to know you, your brand, and what it stands for, Kelly keeps every design consistent and cohesive to ensure that the message delivered to your customers is seamless, relevant, and visually stimulating.

Kelly's career has allowed her to experience a variety of deadline-driven environments, being exposed to every step of the creative process. Kelly has developed a solid reputation with colleagues across many organizations for her knowledge and enthusiasm in her profession.

Beyond my passion for graphic and web design, I have always had a love for the arts. I began to explore my creativity at an early age in the form of dance. I was also active in gymnastics and cheer-leading.


Fast-forward several year, never mind how many exactly, and I now find myself a 40-something year old mother of two beautiful children. We make our home in the greater Atlanta area. I have called Georgia my home my entire life.

A lot has changed since my youth, but my passion for the arts still thrives! I enjoy singing, writing, photography, handcrafting jewelry, dancing, and the beauty of nature! I love spending time with my children; cooking, traveling, laughing and truly appreciating every moment spent together. We love visiting our GG in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, as well as our annual trips to the coasts of Florida. Watching my babies play, grow, learn and experience life brings me joy beyond words.

One of my favorite little quirky quotes is, "Design solves problems, creativity fuels design & coffee fuels your designer!" That is absolutely true in this designer's world. I love coffee and everything about it. The taste, the smell, and the memories! I remember taking sips of my mom's coffee as a child. My daughter takes sips of mine now. I love waking up to the smell of a fresh pot brewing, the sound of the creek rushing by my window at my grandmother's cabin and the clanking of pots and pans in the kitchen as she prepares breakfast for the family. If I'm working, you can be sure I have a cup of dark roast close by!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about me. I am excited for the opportunity to work with you and learn more about you, your business and your vision! My goal is to provide personalized service and innovative designs through effective communication, attention to detail and a clear understanding of your needs. I want you to benefit from my extensive background in the field!


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