StormCat Exteriors LLC

Logo Design & Brand Identity Development

Sub Brand Mark, Business Cards, Contract,

Website Design


StormCat Exteriors LLC offers residential, multi-family and commercial services. If you have a property with an exterior in need of attention, look no further! StormCat Exteriors has you covered from total roof replacement / roofing systems and roof maintenance to gutter cleaning! They even offer 24/7 emergency services and tarping.

This company is new to the area, but definitely not new to the industry. With over a decade of experience and a sterling reputation among customers and peers, they are without question, the brand name in roofing!

Jeremy, managing partner, came to us with a vision for the branding of his company. He wanted a design that really meant something to him and his family. We produced a logo design comp sheet for his review and it didn't take long for him to choose "the one"! After that we got busy producing business cards, a contract, yard signs and a website to compliment their logo design and brand identity.

We are working with StormCat Exteriors LLC, on an ongoing basis, developing promotional materials as well as assisting in the development of their social media presence.


Vacation World USA

Logo Design & Brand Identity Development


Vacation World USA is a partnership that has joined together to provide an industry bench mark for customer service, owner care, occupancy and cleanliness. The combined experience of our foundation gives over 40 years of entrepreneurship, managing, marketing, sales, and service in a wide variety of industries from restaurant ownership to working for the worlds largest pallet distributors with thousands of clients and millions of dollar's in asset's.

Vacation World USA wanted a fresh brand identity and logo to inspire their clients and convey a message of upscale travel and a home away from home. We started with a design comp sheet offering 7 design ideas with two variations on one of the designs. This gave Vacation World USA a variety of possibilities. From there they chose their favorite and we fine tuned the design until the client was thrilled with the results. The logo KBD developed is featured on their website and additional marketing materials.


Perseus Building Solutions

Logo Design & Brand Identity Development

Business card Design

Website Design


John W. King has an extensive background in engineering, 35+ years of building operational experience, coupled with formal technical training. He is an expert in the field of building operational systems. John’s expertise includes; HVAC, Electrical, Fire Protection, Codes, Utility Analyses, Rate Evaluations, Line Safety, Security and Reliability. If you have building operational concerns, John W. King has the solutions!

John reached out to Kelly Bragg Design ready to get his building operational systems support business off the ground. We started with his logo. Once we nailed down a logo design John was passionate about, we moved to business cards and then a website.

John wanted a minimalist approach to his website. We started with a landing page while his one page design was being laid out. Once his page was up and his SEO was set up, it wasn't long before this site was generating a response from John's clients!


Evo 9X

Softball Uniform Designs



Evo 9X is an amazing outdoor & sporting goods company out of Edison, NJ. This company cranks out some of the most dynamic designs in sportswear on the market today!

We were excited for the opportunity to design for Evo 9X. Their style is fresh, fun and every design is unique. Their customer reviews speak volumes about this company and KBD has had a blast being a part of the team this year!


JNA Razorback Construction LLC

Logo Design & Brand Identity Development

Business card Design


JNA Razorback Construction is located in Newnan, Georgia. JNA primarily operates in the Single-family Housing Construction business / industry within the Construction - General Contractors & Operative Builders sector.

JNA reached out to KBD as a start up company in need of a logo/brand identity and business cards. We started with a comp sheet as we do with most of our logo designs. From there, the logo was selected, perfected and finalized. Business cards were designed and all files delivered.


This logo was a fun design! I wonder if the owner is an Arkansas fan?! The integration of the circular saw into the back of the razorback was such a natural fit and flowed so well! This is a true representation of a brand identity that is self explanatory and immediately recognizable to the customer as soon as they see it.

A strong representation of a powerful brand mark.


Mahoney's Beard Brew

Logo Updates

New Decal/Sticker Designs

Social Media Promotional Ads
New Labels & Packaging Designs


Mahoney's handcrafted beard care is an established company providing beard products that are great for facial hair of all lengths, sizes, ages, hair types and styles. They craft these quality, nourishing blends to enhance your beard grooming experience. Mahoney's Beard Brew will give you a healthy feeling, nourished & great smelling beard.


Their products are handcrafted with a superb quality & all natural seven oil blend carefully formulated for the nourishment and conditioning of the skin and hair while keeping the facial hair tame, gloriously shiny and manageable.

Mahoney's initially reached out to KBD to create a few social media promotional ads for Instagram and Facebook. From there we executed updates to their previous logo design. Once the logo was completed, we designed new decals and stickers to compliment the updated logo.

Mahoney's then reached out to us to completely redesign their labels and product packaging.

This was an undertaking we gladly accepted!

Their new label and packaging design is sleek,

edgy, stylish & professional. Any bearded man

would be proud to have a bottle of Mahoney's

on his shelf!


Cutiful Cupcakes

Logo Design & Brand Identity Development

Business card Design


Cutiful Cupcakes is a locally owned business making and designing the cutest cupcakes around! I am always excited when I get to work with a small business owner and fellow entrepreneur, but the icing on this cupcake was that this young go-getter is in her teens!

Her father came to KBD with the task of creating a logo and business card design for his daughters business as a Christmas gift. Talk about pressure! ;) He told us her favorite colors and we got started! A logo design comp sheet was delivered with multiple design options. He chose the one he thought best fit his daughter's style and we fine tuned the design until it was just what he wanted!

From there we created business cards in a fun, colorful design. The pearl finish and rounded corners really helped to tie the look of the brand together!

There is no website just yet, but this budding business savvy teen is well on her way!


The Last Piece (Of The Puzzle)

Logo Design & Brand Identity Development

Business card Design

Social Media Package


The Last Piece (of the Puzzle) aids young people on the Autism spectrum with transitioning, gaining much needed social experiences, and school placement. The founder and owner of this program, Nina King, has been working with children with disabilities for years and has a special place in her heart for them. She has taken on a role in their lives that has been nothing short of amazing! Through events, trips, and daily interaction Miss King has proven that one person can truly make a world of difference.

When Nina reached out to KBD with her start up and shared her vision with us, we were over the moon for the opportunity to provide design support to such an amazing woman and have a small part in making her vision a reality!

We began with a design comp sheet to allow Miss King to select  the perfect brand mark for her program. Once she selected the design that spoke to her vision, we finalized the files and went to work on the design and production of her business cards as well as a social media design package to ensure consistency across all platforms of communication.